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Are we oblivious to mobile device security?

I just read a fascinating study put out by Lookout about many are fairly oblivious when it comes to protecting their data on mobile devices. Very scary. All my devices are not only locked but also encrypted!

There’s a write up and and the full study in PDF format on this page.



Community — Another Great Yahoo Series!

After watching the new Sin City Saints show, I started looking around and I discovered there was a a much longer running show that was also really good.

Check it out here, or click through to Yahoo’s site and watch it there.

The Lantern Bistro

lanternbistroIf it’s another winter NYC day and you’re looking for something to do with the kids, and you happen to have a giant box around, try letting your kids experience business.

And, make them movie stars.



The Origins of the Lantern Bistro

Customer Interaction, Lantern Bistro

Introduction to the Bistro

Snow In The City

snowWith this whole Winter Storm Thor deal, I’ve been asked several times recently what it’s like living in the city when the snow really starts coming down. It’s WONDERFUL! Being in the city is exactly where you want to be when the snow comes on.

Awesome pros for snow in the city.

They plow the streets immediately, all 6,000 miles of them. NYC will keep the streets open best they can, even in the worst snowstorms. Besides all the snow plows, all the trash trucks double as snow plows, and there are thousands of trash trucks.

Public transit almost never shuts down (maybe once every couple of years) When it does shut down, it’s incredible. You can walk down the streets and there’s almost nobody on them. Snow days are awesome for pictures or walks down the street.

The sidewalks have so much foot traffic the snow melts almost immediately. Yeah, it’s crazy, but it happens. There’ll be drifts everywhere, but you’ll see the paths melt up quickly.

Every building owner or renter is by law required to go out and shovel the snow off the sidewalks. It’s part of doing business in NYC.

Pilgrim Hill is off the hook with sledding.

Downsides for snow in the city.

Before a major storm, all the grocery stores pack up like the subways. Literally — think a 2 hour line just to get some milk and coffee.

All the airports shut down pretty quickly, and this usually sucks because all us business people need to travel all the time, or we have people traveling to us.

The bridge and tunnel crowd is usually buried and totally shut down, but NYC loves snow days!. (Manhattan is an island, we call the commuters from off the island, like New Jersey or Long Island the bridge and tunnel crowd)


Green Beans and Garlic




One of my all time favorites, Green Beans and Garlic.


About head of garlic if you’re a garlic lover. A little less if it’s not your favorite thing. After the garlic is all peeled, make some small chunks and some bigger ones.

Seasonings: Mostly Thyme, some Rosemary and Parsley.

Olive Oil

About 24 ounces of green beans. (two bags if you buy your beans at a grocery store)


Throw everyone into a wok. You need to first soften the green beans by blanching — almost boiling. For the wok above, I usually fill about halfway up to the top of the green beans.

When the beans get softer, you may have boiled off all the water and that’s perfect. Either way, when the beans are about 80% cooked, you don’t want water in the pan anymore so dump most of the rest of the water. At 80%, throw in about two or three tablespoons of olive oil, turn up the heat, and maybe add some more seasoning if you had to dump water. Flip every minute or so so you don’t burn.

Cook until there’s slight caramelization on the beans and just a little brown on the garlic.

It’s amazing! 

Cleaning Small Kitchens

So you moved into an NYC apartment, and of course there’s no dishwasher there — which means no fancy super-acid-clean-everything dishwashing detergent available anymore. You also won’t have the sink size to fill up one sink with soapy water the other for rinsing.

So, what do you do?

It’s simple, get yourself a palm brush and a soap dispensing sponge with a bunch of extra ends.

Definitely don’t start using the scratchy sponges like you did when you were a kid. They scratch plastic and even some metals.

Below are the tools I use to keep my dishes clean. As you watch this video, just remember to not get the “scratchy” ends, just get the soft ones. They work great.

Oh, and only buy non stick pans from then on, because soft sponges don’t work on pans with caked on burnt sugars and proteins.


OXO Soap Dispensing Dish Products



Best Chili Mac Recipe Ever!!

chilimacIngredients :

A few boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese. It doesn’t really matter what kind they are as long as they all have the same noodle type. I prefer one white cheddar and two regular, or two regular and one white cheddar.

A pound of hamburger meat.

A tablespoon or so of standard Mexican seasoning. (paprika, garlic powder, etc., called Mexican seasoning in just about every spice line.)

About a cup of other cheeses. You can use shredded from a bag or a few slices of American, but I prefer some cheddar from a block, and some asiago or parmigiana. Whatever you have, grate or cut into very fine chunks so it melts quickly.

Milk, probably about twice as much as you’re used to for box mac and cheese.

A stick of butter, or a quarter cup of olive oil.


Fry the hamburger.  Make sure it’s mashed up in to super tiny chunks because lumpy meat doesn’t absorb the creamy sauce. Add in the Mexican seasoning as soon as you have it broken up. Do NOT overcook, you’re going to have some more heat on it later in the process. Drain if necessary.

Cook and drain the noodles like usual, then put back in the pan.

Combine the noodles, meat and butter or olive olive oil. Add in about 1/4 cup of milk and stir. The base is ready for the cheese sauce.

Then turn the heat back on, add in a little more milk and start adding the cheeses, harder cheeses first then the powdered cheese from the box.


You’re going to find it takes a while to get the cheese to melt, and while you are slowly creating the cheese sauce, you should be adding milk which will continually evaporate. When all the cheese is melted, add a little extra milk. It will continue to evaporate.

If you have to reheat, you may find it necessary to add some more milk. This gets super sticky.


Lastly, I like a few drops of Sriracha sauce in mine, but that’s for you to decide.

Beet Juice Hand Prints

So you’re in the city and it’s raining — which means no central park. And there aren’t really any stores that sell arts and crafts stuff for kids. What do you?

Make Beet Juice Hand Prints of course!

Get a raw beet from the grocery store and chop it up super small. Then use a hand blender to turn it into pulp. Add some water into the blended mix to get a liquid to use as paint, and then get some kind of a sifter to drain some of the juice out of the mix into a Chinese food container.

Presto — a super messy and very fun version of hand paints! You can let the kids taste the sweetness of a raw beet, and if you store the pulp you can have a beet smoothie later!




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