Emerging Markets Are Strengthening Their Supply Chains

The Economist’s “Growth Crossings” series is a content hub about the future of supply chains within emerging markets. As these emerging markets grow and evolve over the next decade, supplies, products, and services will have to be effectively and efficiently moved all over the world. In response to this, emerging market companies are focusing their attention on supple chain, ensuring that it can handle the quick growth expected within their markets. The infographic (check it out below) that The Economist published on the series’ microsite highlights this trend. I think the third image is especially interesting as it gives insight into where to expect growth within these emerging markets over the next decade or so. Check it out below and check out the Growth Crossings website for videos, articles, and other information on the topic.


Yahoo Otherspace

First it was Community, then Sin City Saints, and now I discovered another show up on Yahoo Screen called Other Space. Have a peek, it’s hilarious. Or, you can watch it up on Here

Technology of the future


Our NYC police patrol with drones, iWatches can probably call doctors if our heart rate is off, self driving trucks are roaming the highways of Nevada, and overall, it’s becoming obvious that in the future, technology will influence us all in many different ways.

Here’s an great read put together by the Economist and Samsung about technology in the enterprise. Adaptive traffic lights and connected cars saving the environment, love it.

Check out the study yourself.



Want to get hired? Try hired.com

signed up  myself. I could use 10 offers.!

Are we oblivious to mobile device security?

I just read a fascinating study put out by Lookout about many are fairly oblivious when it comes to protecting their data on mobile devices. Very scary. All my devices are not only locked but also encrypted!

There’s a write up and and the full study in PDF format on this page.



Community — A TV show not on TV?

After watching the new Sin City Saints show, I started looking around and I discovered there was a a much longer running show that was also really good. Most interesting is this isn’t on TV, it’s on Yahoo Screen. Are TV’s going the way of the Dodo bird? Looks like it.

Either way, if you’re at work, wearing headphones, and want to check it out, you’ll find Community here.

The Lantern Bistro

lanternbistroIf it’s another winter NYC day and you’re looking for something to do with the kids, and you happen to have a giant box around, try letting your kids experience business.

And, make them movie stars.



The Origins of the Lantern Bistro

Customer Interaction, Lantern Bistro

Introduction to the Bistro

Snow In The City

snowWith this whole Winter Storm Thor deal, I’ve been asked several times recently what it’s like living in the city when the snow really starts coming down. It’s WONDERFUL! Being in the city is exactly where you want to be when the snow comes on.

Awesome pros for snow in the city.

They plow the streets immediately, all 6,000 miles of them. NYC will keep the streets open best they can, even in the worst snowstorms. Besides all the snow plows, all the trash trucks double as snow plows, and there are thousands of trash trucks.

Public transit almost never shuts down (maybe once every couple of years) When it does shut down, it’s incredible. You can walk down the streets and there’s almost nobody on them. Snow days are awesome for pictures or walks down the street.

The sidewalks have so much foot traffic the snow melts almost immediately. Yeah, it’s crazy, but it happens. There’ll be drifts everywhere, but you’ll see the paths melt up quickly.

Every building owner or renter is by law required to go out and shovel the snow off the sidewalks. It’s part of doing business in NYC.

Pilgrim Hill is off the hook with sledding.

Downsides for snow in the city.

Before a major storm, all the grocery stores pack up like the subways. Literally — think a 2 hour line just to get some milk and coffee.

All the airports shut down pretty quickly, and this usually sucks because all us business people need to travel all the time, or we have people traveling to us.

The bridge and tunnel crowd is usually buried and totally shut down, but NYC loves snow days!. (Manhattan is an island, we call the commuters from off the island, like New Jersey or Long Island the bridge and tunnel crowd)


Green Beans and Garlic




One of my all time favorites, Green Beans and Garlic.


About head of garlic if you’re a garlic lover. A little less if it’s not your favorite thing. After the garlic is all peeled, make some small chunks and some bigger ones.

Seasonings: Mostly Thyme, some Rosemary and Parsley.

Olive Oil

About 24 ounces of green beans. (two bags if you buy your beans at a grocery store)


Throw everyone into a wok. You need to first soften the green beans by blanching — almost boiling. For the wok above, I usually fill about halfway up to the top of the green beans.

When the beans get softer, you may have boiled off all the water and that’s perfect. Either way, when the beans are about 80% cooked, you don’t want water in the pan anymore so dump most of the rest of the water. At 80%, throw in about two or three tablespoons of olive oil, turn up the heat, and maybe add some more seasoning if you had to dump water. Flip every minute or so so you don’t burn.

Cook until there’s slight caramelization on the beans and just a little brown on the garlic.

It’s amazing! 

Cleaning Small Kitchens

So you left suburbia and moved into an NYC shoebox apartment. And of course there’s no dishwasher there — which means no fancy super-acid-clean-everything dishwashing detergent available anymore. You also won’t have the sink size to fill up one sink with soapy water the other for rinsing. So, what do you do? How do you keep your kitchen and dishes as clean as you used to?

First of all, you need to move entirely to non-stick pans and all plastic or wood cooking utensils. (Never use metal utensils on non stick pans!!)  Next, you need a palm brush and a soap dispensing sponge with a bunch of extra sponge ends and throw out whatever you have that has one of those scratchy sides. (scratchy sponges damage pans.)

Watch the video by OXO below and you’ll get the idea. I don’t really care about this brand and there are many, but OXO seems to be available everywhere here in the city, and it’s been really solid for me.

Shoebox apartments look a lot more messy when those tiny kitchens are messy.!  


OXO Soap Dispensing Dish Products



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